St. Vincent Street Sights

St. Vincent street is dominated by the St. Stephens church, which has the longest pendulum of any clock in Europe and perhaps the world. The flat is located adjacent to Stockbridge, with 3 supermarkets and many local shops, including the best bakeries in Edinburgh, close to the Royal Botannical Garden, 9 minutes walk from Princes Street, and one street away in two directions from major bus lines to other parts of the city.
A bus ride to the old town offers quick access to Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Craigs, which contain nice ‘natural’ walking areas within the city, as well as panoramic views of the city itself. If cityscapes (even natural ones) aren’t for you, the Water of Leith offers 11 miles of footpaths for walkers.
The photographs below were taken within 5 minutes walk of the flat.

The following photographs are the Botanical Gardens, also within a few minutes walk of the flat.